Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Actual size."

It is like a warning: "You might not be able to swallow me." I take note.

This is another area I've Grown Up. Well into high school I could not swallow pills. My throat would close up and that pill, small as it may be, would stay stubbornly in my mouth, on my tongue, taunting with "come on, you swallow bits of food larger than wee-little me." Come my freshman year of college, I could finally manage, with a whip-lash inducing jerk back of my head, to swallow a Tylenol...sometimes.

I have grown out of this (although I admit to being one of those ridiculous people who must give these small capsuled medicines a little extra oomph, with a snap of the neck back and head up, looking like a chicken trying to drink water), much like chewing my nails, motion sickness, and my hatred of green olives. Good thing, or I would not be getting my Ox Bile.

Yes, my new digestive enzymes (GLUTEN FREE this time!) contain Ox Bile Extract. These were recommended to me based on that elicitation alone. "It makes all the difference," I was told; and so far, it does.

I arrived home from work later than usual, after completing several errands, and I threw together a salad of things leftover from last night's refection. The indicator that this Pill with the Curious Ingredient is working, being: I ate the salad before I thought to take a picture.

What is a more beautiful dessert than arranging Fruits on a Vine upon a gifted (Thank you, K.G.K.) and freshly thrown plate?

I now satisfy my sweet tooth with grapes, slowly popping each globe of wine into my mouth, rolling it about with my tongue like a marble, before finally puncturing taught skin to reveal a soft heart of flesh...


  1. I still do a little "head bob" when swallowing my vitamins:-) Oooops, guess I am still a kid.

    Ox bile, maybe I need this wonder bile being I am missing my gallbladder. Interesting that an Ox has given this essential enzyme to a human yak, indeed a sacrificial offering of health given to one of his own kind.

    God's speed to you in your quest for healing and remember to chew your cud it aids in the digestion.

    Mama Yak

  2. I hadn't thought of One of My Own sacrificing...I like that picture. Those of Bovine persuasion are ever gentle and giving, their liquid brown eyes always reassuring love.