Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nature's ibuprofen.

Today my insides felt inflamed. Wait, I should rephrase: today, they felt more inflamed than their usual perpetually annoyed state, as they burn their anger through my guts to my brain. They demand an answer, day after day, hour after hour; and I, not being a native speaker of intestinal idioms (although I am becoming an attuned bi-linguist), end each inquiry at a loss. Yet to no other question have I sought so long and so hard the answer.

Turmeric is touted as being on par with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen in a salad! And, I don't have to swallow a pill!), this root's active ingredient? Curcumin. This orange oily substance stains. Its signature imprint is left on linen dishtowels, light colored dish-ware, and lastly -- mouth and tongue. I lick the corners of my mouth, clearing away dinner's leftovers, and now am left with crinkled corners of my mouth tarnished ocher, bearing telltale lines of things eaten.

~ Medicated Salad ~

Basmati Rice
Romaine lettuce
Olive oil
Sea Salt
Freshly cracked cubeb pepper

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