Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Second Chance.

There is just something about a rainy day that makes me crave curry. Hunger rumbles for warmth. Soothing warmth, not the kindled discontent which ignites and sustains itself, despite tinctured douses of herbs, medications and plain old wild guesses and shots in the dark. The antidotes extinguished, their ashes add height to the growing the pyre of hopes.

Fill of grey leaves etchings of royal pines, harboring rest and sleep, and movement and dreams of their own.

I found a woolly bear caterpillar on my basement floor this evening. He was thick with preparation, reminding me that I too should be storing provisions for colder times. The lines of summer have yet some writing to be taken down, but the next chapter's characters breathe presence into hesitant pauses.

My gas stove reminded me, putting this cook in her place, that it is much more eager than was my previous place's electric range. It jumped right into a sauté of green onions that I was not ready for. I was preoccupied with many jars of opened spices, their lids getting mixed and switched in the putting away (I will have turmeric laced cumin for sure), and decisions. Decisiveness is not one of my strengths. And, I wanted too many of these smells for dinner -- how was I to pick among what was all good, for what was right?

Throwing generous pinches of my mixed-up masala into the sautéing base, I turned my back to find tomatoes in the fridge, only to have my nose led burntly back. Those green onions? Anything but green now. In fact, they were well past caramelization.

But, things can be started fresh; and, a clean slate can yet be found, even through a burnt sauté pan's second chance at a curry.

~ Late Summer's Second Chance Curry ~

Cauliflower, lightly steamed
Olive oil
Green onions
Curry powder, turmeric, cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, fennel seeds


  1. quite sad i missed out on this tonight. science!

  2. what makes the white sauce? b

  3. Yogurt! I forgot that part :)