Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why do coyotes dance?

Why do they raise their paws in the air, to the sky, to the moon, to their god?

Why do coyotes dance? Why do they...why are they dancing?

Skipping through February, and meeting March with a grin...this is good. Maybe their dance is a courtship, only just beginning.

And maybe...yes, maybe...their dance is trust -- led with care and stepped with grace. For, they know the dance will be even more beautiful come next spring...


  1. I know why the trickster skips. I'm dancing, too! For the same reasons! Head over heals for a woman. Life is good. And spring is a comin'!

  2. Trust is the beginning of a relationship in both man and beast. I would love to see the coyotes dance under the moon. Did you know they court for 2-3 months before committing to each other? That is a lot of moonlight dancing going on.
    Coyotes are also known to interbreed with domesticated canines....Banjo Boy does resemble the dancing coyote...hmmmmm :-)

  3. Interbreeding, eh? I wonder what cute little canyon coyote Banjo has his eye on...?