Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My gas range lit...

...late, this evening. My mother would say "fashionably late," and in some way, this makes me feel better as I plop two poached eggs onto the polenta and rainbow chard bed I've made, specially for them.

The clock above the kitchen sink reads 8:03. Yes, I'm just that fashionable!

But, Banjo needed a walk. I had promised him as I left the house that morning, shutting the door on his expectant face, and I couldn't go back on my word. Not now -- he'd been looking forward to it all day. "It's just a dog" you say? Yes.....but I think animals understand far more than we give them credit. I had promised. He knew it. He knew what he had been promised. And honestly, what is lower than breaking a promise to a creature who can't even yell back at you? He couldn't tell me that I am a lazy-assed liar, or voice his disappointment. He would have to just put up with my petting around the promised issue.

Recently, I have made an interesting observation. About Banjo. If he doesn't get a walk, I get a cold shoulder all evening; and, he doesn't come to bed -- he sleeps on the couch. This sounds eerily like some dysfunctional marriage, doesn't it? I know...I know...but, no Freudian analysis.......please!

Now I'll admit --- tonight, I wanted him to come to bed. So I walked him....scratched his back...threw him a bone...

...and as a result, threw together my dinner late.

I opened the cupboard door to grab a bowl, and ran into a spider. A smile shadowed over my face. An uncommon reaction to finding a spider in one's cupboard, I know. But, I've been smiling all week at the spider holding post in my shower -- and thrown grins to the fly reviving himself on my windowsill. I know what these things mean -- bugs mean spring!

I snuck my hand around the stacks of plates and glasses that the spider was webbed into. I was too thankful for this harbinger to kill the bearer of news. And, I thought --- if Shakespeare's don't shoot the messenger is true of bad news, how much more must it be true of good.

The spider is still in my cupboard, and Banjo is sleeping in my bed.

Goodnight, winter.....


  1. Yikes!! If I ever found a spider in my cupboard, I'd empty it & wash everything just to make sure there were no more. I know they have "families" but not in my house if I can help it. If I see one it's fate is sealed.:( They scare me half to death! Sharon

  2. Actually spiders are good and most do not bite humans. They also provide a good service to home owners by catching and eating bugs that are not good to have in your house.
    I have always let spiders crawl on and live in my home. Probably where Erin gets it. But this winter I was bitten by a Yellow Sac spider while sleeping in bed. So now there is a line drawn at the threshold of our bedroom. They cross that one and it is the shoe for them.

  3. Ahh, spider lovers unite! But you havn't seen a spider until you've seen what Australia has to offer! And I never killed one.

  4. Hmmm...perhaps I wouldn't let Australian spiders live in my cupboards!

  5. My dogs are the exact same way!!! Not so much about walks, I don't think they give a hoot about those but about spending time with them in general. I've made them promises before and not followed through and I wound up with a hole dug in the new grass in the back yard. They are much smarter than we think!

  6. Haha! So true. And I would so love to listen to their thoughts about us. Or then again, maybe I wouldn't ;)

  7. Yeah I think I'll pass on that. I'm pretty sure mine have called me an idiot a few times over in their cute little heads.