Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jay & Erin's South Boulder Creek Adventure, and What They Found...

They found, that some of the best things in life are at the end of dirt roads...

Things like truck-clock-resetting-aliens, and an old man intimidated to the point of calling you "kiddo" in order to keep his ego intact. Things like watching nervous young men try to inconspicuously change in the parking lot once they notice that one of the fishermen is a woman, and finding that at the end of the dirt road No Pebble Mine marks the spot...

And, there are baseball cap graveyards....

...and pockets to pick, waters to wade, hands to hold; and, stoneflies to watch.

There are Rainbows to chase and catch at the end of dirt roads.....

and there are flashed rewards...

And yes, there is always, always, cheese at the end of the adventure...and, at the beginning of the next...


  1. Ha ha hahahahaha! Nice! I love it!

  2. Why were those young men changing in the parking lot? Remember all the adventures found on the "B" maintenance roads, dirt must indeed lead to adventures.

  3. Jay - Thanks! Regretfully, I didn't get a picture of the Bubblies jar!

    sgb - I didn't ask! Oh yes, I remember B-maintenance roads...remember being chased by that skunk up the hill, and it had just rained and was super muddy and we were all slipping and sliding and couldn't get away from him? We almost got SKUNKED!

  4. yep, that last picture is pretty cheesy alright.

  5. Hehe -- yeah, and we had no idea whose car it was!

  6. Does that guy in the picture ever work?

  7. I love this dual story telling.The delicate shadings contrasted with the splashes of primary/primal color.

  8. Hart - it paints a beautiful picture, eh? Each filling in, ochreing the other.

    I love it too...