Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free the Bluegill!

"Hey Papa! Your bobber is doing something!" I yelled over my left shoulder, confused about the bobber bobbing over my right. "No...it isn't....it hasn't been doing anything all day" humored my dad, echoing the frustrations of a fisherman off the water's glass. I stood, more confused than a fish finding a hook in a bug. Eh....?

I didn't have a bobber, and there was no one else in the sandy shored shallow cove. But there, it did it again, playing with my heart. There had to be something on the other end. "We must save it! Whatever 'it' is!" I tried snagging the bobber and line with my fly...

...it didn't work.

I snapped a large branch off a dead grounded tree limb, and started wading out towards the red & white...

...the shallows were deep.

My mom nested into the tall grass behind us, eating cherries and cheerily chirping encouragement with a laugh, "You look like you peed your pants!" Gee, thanks. (As I said, the shallows were deep. I was the knight trying to save the maiden -- rewarded with soggy pond pants.) Giggles rallied her cry of "Free the bluegill!" Free the fish! Bob, bob, bob...free the bobber! Papa swapped his fly for a treble hook, and snagged the line in, holding up a large clump of agitated algae looking like a Whirpool spin cycle gone awry. We were all ready for a bluegill.....

.....not a bullhead!

But now, he's free!


  1. Must have been tiring saving that fish, maybe you need one of those apple grilled cheese sandwiches to get your energy strength

  2. Well not much later my cheery chirping tune changed..watch out for those inviting grassy shady places...very large reptiles are lurking about. POW!

  3. srb, our friend Jay says reptiles are our friends. I say...not so much.

    Free the bullhead!

  4. What a nice surprise. That is what makes fishing so rewarding, you never kmow sometimes what will reel it. Thanks for sharing

  5. Your a hero, like GI Joe. :) Cool story.

  6. I just had a flashback from the movie "Free Willy" where the kid is standing under the whale as it jumps over him. Substitute the kid for you and the whale for the bullhead and you have the image. Fun story!

  7. Cofisher, I think even our friend Jay would have ran like a fool from this mean bugger :-)

  8. Free Willy...ha! Haven't thought about that movie in years! :)

    sgb & Cofisher - yes, Jay did admit that even he would have probably left this one alone!