Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old dogs can learn new tricks.

I desperately wanted to go fishing, very much in touch with my inner little boy, thinking of nothing else. On second thought, it wasn't a want. It was a need.  Fishing, a need? What am I becoming...?

But I couldn't go fishing, not with him. The last trip was a disaster that left him hunkering apologies and me frustrated for the rest of the day. This morning, his face looked at me so expectantly. Me too?

I melted like his beloved butter.

Ok. Yes, you too, too.

So I decided to do some lake and pond fishing. The creek-escapade was a disaster because I was moving around too much. He would do better with lakes. At least, that is what I hoped as I took off with a loaded car and excited dog --- towards a lake.

At the lake his nose was in wonderland. Well, in wonderland that is, before he got it stuck on my fly. His eyes were bright with taking in the geese and pelicans and great blue heron who scared the pee out of him. The pee, quite literally. His tail collected tackle (I found upon returning home.) He stood on my line. He cowered as I hauled over his head. Yes, Banjo, you are in the way. 

He moved. He settled. He sat back and enjoyed the view. And I like to think he was enjoying just being with me. He seemed as excited as I was that I was catching fish, and came down to the water's edge, each time, to see and to congratulate. All the while with the ulterior motive of smell -- and I wonder, is smell species specific? I've been told that farm pond bass smell addictively divine. I've been told, "don't start" -- Don't Huff Bass.   

Ignoring good advice, I did. And now, Banjo has huffed 'em too.

There is no stopping us now -- and who knows, maybe someday we'll conquer creeks.....


  1. Nice bass. You're such a man-woman!

  2. Pa - Thanks! You made me. ;) I am so "incongruous", you might say?

  3. You amaze me with every post...good post, good dog, good fish, good grief, I need more time.

  4. Cofisher - thank you! I don't get much sleep...

  5. I am glad the tackle was swept up by his tail and not embedded in tender paws. Looks like you have a new fishing buddy ;-)

  6. You struck me in the soft spot - my love of dogs. Like Banjo, Sammy is a challenge to fish with as, like all good terriers, he follows his nose despite my best efforts to keep him close. Great post!

  7. sgb - me too! It was hard enough to get him to hold still long enough for me to get it out of his tail!

    Mike - They are great, eh, dogs? The best of friends, even when following their noses and frustrating our efforts. Glad you enjoyed this post!

    the lonesome piker - many thanks!

  8. This gives me hope that I'll be able to get my pups out again some day!

    And I totally read Jay's blog which had me rolling.

    You two are Awesome!

  9. Red - Yes, try again with your pups! It's frustrating, but lovely to have a companion in the end. I had forgotten I put that link in this story....his blog is awesome. :) And apart, we're just two very strange people.