Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Race ya..."

Jay said,"...first one to their limit wins!"

Stocker rainbows. They're fun. Especially, when they've just been stocked, and a few ponds down the road from my house just had. We'd both already caught our keeping limit. Those, were already in the cooler of snow. "Redneck Ice," I was told it's called.  But, when you're house is still surrounded by it, it just seems like "Sensible Ice" to me. Yeah, I've got a little redneck in me.

Before I could agree, Jay's casting looked like he was in a Charlie Chaplin film.

Race is on.

Cast, cast; strip, strip; catch, catch. He was two ahead but I jockeyed up from behind, "four!" I shouted.

"Next pond!" he returned...

We jumped in the car. Then, ran...and, strategically placed ourselves at opposing ends of the evening hour's glass. I was distracted, watching him cast. Pay attention, Erin. 

And I did, hauling out my own line to meet his...

...voice carrying over the water, "Great cast!" 

I beamed. You wouldn't have even noticed there was a sunset.

It was the most fun I have had. Ever. And it wasn't just because I won....both rounds! But shhh...I'm not sure I was supposed to tell!


  1. Hehehhe, one more thing in my arsenal of things to laugh at Jay about.

  2. True, we all have our faults. I've got lots. And I also shouldn't be talking, I was schooled on the BC by a 9 year old girl. Oops, but she was beast.

  3. That picture is worth framing. I zoomed in on it and it is truly awesome---great job on the photo and the fishing.

  4. "strategically placed ourselves at opposing ends of the evenings hourglass" Nice.

  5. Sounds like fun and a lovely picture too boot.

  6. A sensible redneck, yup... you are from Nebraska after all :-)
    Nice post and your "word pictures" as always put us right there experiencing it with you.

  7. "Jay's casting looked like he was in a Charlie Chaplin film" - This visual made me laugh out loud. And the "..evening hour's glass." and "I beamed..." lines. Really nice stuff throughout, Erin.

    And there ain't nuthin' wrong with having a little redneck in your blood!

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Bill - Thanks for the feedback on the photo! It turned out better than I thought it was going to. Managing a rod and line and camera is always tricky...especially when there are trout about!

    sgb - ah, you will be experiencing it with me very soon!

    Ty - hehe! Happy to make you laugh. :) It made me laugh too! Many, many thanks for the comment. And yeah, I'm proud of my roots...!

  9. Stocker Wars! Some of the best fun you can have during runoff!

  10. Girls rule...boys well ya know. Nice way to knock him out Emily!

    What's wrong with a little redneck? Absolutely nothing!

    Great reflection photo with Jay casting!


  11. Love this!Jay didn't win the race but I sure hope he has won YOU!