Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crater Lakes: The Reward of Being Stubborn.

She rose in greeting...only once. The perfect lady, she kept us waiting. Baiting with brook trout we could see -- but please, do not touch. Kept safe behind glass walls. Right there, just beyond reach. The trout were finicky. And deep. Every time we thought we had them figured out, turns out we didn't.  Appetites change, loving in youth what cannot be endured in age. Altered with the minute.

The water was clear, as were the refusals. Over and over and over again. Like a high school boy just not taking the hint, we asked her out again...and again...and again. Accepting a few times, she toyed with us. Letting Jay and I each touch a few trout, here and there, playing along a bit, showing us that there was still hope. But, not much. Even so, I think she enjoyed the attention.

We kept on following the trail, casting the whole way round; and, were given crumbs along the way. Though, just enough to keep us hungry. This, the most desperate state -- just enough. Too much feeds no interest, and semi-starvation breeds adaption. But just enough, is never so. Yet, we had just enough to make it around the lake. Walking the circumference, like foxes stalking a coop...

Snagged and frustrated, Jay said, "I'm fine with leaving, whenever you are."
"Ok, same goes for you." I replied, equally snagged and equally frustrated.

That conversation obviously quickly forgotten, we both unsnagged, re-rigged and kept on casting, not wanting to be the first to quit. Evenglow peaked over the continental divide finding us deep in its cirque, and reaching to rises finally breaking the glass.

Quickly now, tie on a Parachute Adams. Cast along the bank. A pine bough graveyard of leaders and flies -- it's difficult, and awkward...but you'll be rewarded. 

"This is what we get for being stubborn, eh?" Jay said, grinning with another brookie on a dry. And as I waded out  through a log jam to release my last trout of the day, I smiled....this is more than enough...

And yet, I'm still hungry.


  1. Loved it. You're a phenomenal writer. Keep it up...


  2. being stubborn can certainly pay off. what a beautiful trooot.

  3. It certainly looks like you was well rewarded in the end.

    "Too much feeds no interest"

    Very true,that fine balance of give and take
    between fisher and those wonderful creatures that we wet a line for.

    A beautiful read as always Erin.

    kind regards

  4. Great trout! Thanks for that splash of beauty...

  5. There's a fellow decked out for some autumn love.

    Beautiful brookie.

  6. That trout is beautiful. I miss those glacier fed upper mountain lakes.

  7. Ben - Thank you so much...and I will!

    Ivan - Indeed it can...and yeah, the trout up there were gorgeous!

    Mark - I especially loved this line of your comment "those wonderful creatures that we wet a line for." Many thanks!

    Jim - You're quite welcome. That brookie is very much like splashes of paint on a canvas, eh...

    Brk Trt - Ah indeed! Looking like that there is no question he'll get some attention!

    Kev2380 - It was gorgeous up there...the waters and the trout. I miss them and it's been less than a week! ;)

  8. "Like a high school boy just not taking the hint, we asked her out again...and again...and again. Accepting a few times, she toyed with us."

    Those brookies are something special...worth all the pain in getting to the places that have them...really nicely written!

  9. Thanks, Sanders! --- and I cast to a couple of really big brookies...until I realized, they weren't... ;-)

  10. Beautiful lake, beautiful, fish, beautiful prose. There were attempts to introduce brook trout here but the water is not cold enough.

  11. Phillip - Many thanks...and too bad those brookies didn't take!

  12. THAT was awesome. Gorgeous brookie!

  13. upacreek - Thanks! And that brookie most certainly of the day!

  14. EMB
    The adams is the fly that I go to when all else fails on top. One beautiful brook trout for your effort, and from the image it was worth all the work.

  15. Bill - Yep! Those brookies sure wanted the Adams....and really, really small ones too! Thanks for the read and comment!

  16. You would not want to fish if you caught a net full every time you went, its that hunger that keeps us coming back for more.

    As ever Erin, lovely stuff.

  17. That river system is so full of different fish, it is surprising. Nice fish though! Gotta love the alpine!

  18. Gorgeous scenery and loved the colors on those fish!!

  19. Great blog e.m.b. I'll be looking forward to reading and watching!

  20. Can't help but have a stubborn streak in you since you shared your youth with various mules and a donkey of two. Hee Haw

  21. So many nice thoughts. I could put quotation marks around the whole thing. I can't help but highlight,"Appetites change,loving in youth what cannot be edured in age. the minute." So true ...but able to be interpreted differently by each of us. Maybe what the author is allowing us to do. Nice work.

  22. Tom - You are right...I would not want to. And it's the bad days that make one a good fisherman, eh? Thanks so much for the words...

    backcountryfishnerd - It is. Always makes you wonder what's down there, and what's down there that we DON'T catch. And yeah, I can't stop thinking about the alpine and getting back up there. :)

    Troutdawg - Thanks much! The alpine, it's stunning up there. Thanks for reading and the comment!

    penbayman - Thanks! I'm very glad to have you along for the ride...or read, shall we say. ;)

    sgb - I was just thinking about that the other day...I'm sure some wore off!

    George - The photo doesn't even do it justice!

    Herringbone - Your comment made me think back, for I was once told that it is a writer's duty to make allowance for difference levels of reading depth within the piece. You can go as far as you like...kind of like those old chose your own adventure books. Layers. Thanks for your words...they reminded me of things I needed to think back on. Cheers!

  23. Thanks for painting a tribute to one of my favorite places when I was much younger. Only you can bring it to life like you do.

  24. Thank you, Cofisher...I hope you re-visit it someday.