Sunday, July 24, 2011


He showed me where the deer trails are, and how
to hollow a lodgepole, already rotting out
into a place for nests and rest, and watching
the strawberries grow,
get them, he said, before the birds do
watch them, he said, like a hawk watches those birds' nests
waiting, until the time is just right.


  1. a wonderful harvest. Enjoy those beauties "before the birds do!"

  2. A 'foraged' fruit is always sweeter than one bought from the shop.............. enjoy :)

  3. Wild strawberries picked from either the sloping banks along Tennis Lane or from amongst the rocks of the old quarry - ah! there's a childhood memory. No fruit ever tasted better.

    I was sent to collect a cup full for my grand parents and parents. I returned with just enough to cover the bottom of that little cup. Temptation and fruit has a long and troubled history : )

  4. Cool poem.... Conquerer of delicate with the pen...write on my friend!

  5. Oh yes good harvest and they have the power of RED to continue on "the journey" ;-)


  6. Hmm...Nothing better than fresh wild strawberries.

  7. d.nash - oh, I most certainly am!

    Tom - Why is that, though? Simply the satisfaction of providing for oneself? Whatever it is....delightful.

    Dave - A troubled history indeed! And I would more surely sin for strawberries than an apple. ;)

    Herringbone - Thanks much...and I shall!

    sgb - The power of red...thanks for the reminder...I haven't been wearing socks recently!

    John - nothing in the world!

  8. Wild strawberries are great. I also love huckleberries. I used to eat them all the time in between rock climbing routes.

  9. Kev2380 - Haven't found huckleberries yet...but my raspberry's time is mid-August. :)

  10. The most complex things man creates, cannot stack up to the simple beauty found in nature.

    Thanks for bringing it forward.

  11. Miss the days when I lived in the PNW...out fishing and stumble across some raspberries, black berries or marionberries. Made for a great stream-side snack.

  12. Brk Trt - You are so very right about beauty...I'm trying to pay attention to it more. Living where I do, eyes can become accustomed -- which should never be!

    Colorado Angler - Those kinds of stumble-upons are the best!