Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lincoln Private.

TMC 3769 size 8 (or 10)

Olive 6/0 UNI-thread
Camel 6/0 UNI-thread

Light ginger ostrich hurl

Tuft of badger guard hair
Brown Brahma Hen soft hackle

And what The Private caught...


~ Inspired by Mikko at Nordic Angler, and his tie of The Swedish Sergent.


  1. Really nice looking fly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like that fly. Need to had some ostrich, badger, and brahma hen to the shopping list...

  3. You forgot to mention it also caught you Erin! LOL

    I am always fascinated when my twice a year Sportfish catalog falls on the matt, some of the flies are a work of art and some are the work of a maniac LOL

    I must dust down my fly fishing kit and have a go.

  4. I love soft hackles. Good name, good looking fly. The tuft of guard hair is a nice touch. Thanks for passing the inspiration along. (Oh--and nice fish!)

  5. A good Private should always wear a bit of Badger hair, they are known for their tenacity.

    Looks like a solid fly pattern with a good future.


  6. That's a well tied and deadly looking fly, Erin. I love the green tag (I think it is green)followed by the ostrich herl body. You can see the herl coming through the hackle already and I guess more so when wet. Deadly! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Doug - Thanks for the encouragement!

    Sanders - Many thanks, and hope your back is feeling a bit better today...!

    Troutrageous - Thanks, and trout like it too! So far, lake and cutts.

    Tom - How did you know? It also caught a few very pretty mountain wildflowers. ;) am I an artist or a maniac? Or, do they really go hand-in-hand? Hope you get that kit down soon! Thanks, as always, for the comment!

    Jim - I am completely obsessed with soft hackle. Putting it on everything. Can't hurt, can it? ;) Thanks for the good words!

    sgb - Give it some stoicism, eh? I like this attaching character traits to tying materials...

    Martin - You're right, the tag is green (early morning light, not so good). And thanks so much for the encouragement on the fly!

  8. Thanks...back is feeling pretty good. Hoping to get out this weekend :-)

  9. Very nice fly, and your photo shows the fish like it to.

  10. Nice fly and fish! I really like fishing wet flies. I'm gonna have to whip a few of these up.

  11. Thanks, Phillip! It's always a tad nerve-wracking to cast a new pattern...

    George - I got my start with wet flies, and I'll always have a soft spot for them. Thanks!

  12. Some years ago, on the North Fork of the Stillaguamish, I was going up the river, fishing for whatever was in at that time. October, maybe. Silvers, Steelhead and Sea-run Cutts were all in the river. Anyway, I came across a dead Heron. I looked at the big bird, it's blue colors still vibrant, didn't appear to have been dead long.
    Well, I did a bad thing. I plucked some feathers from the lower neck, the long, wonderful feathers that grace the fab flies of eons ago, long fibers that shiver and wave as you bring it through the runs of the sea-feeding rivers. Wet flies all, I still have many of them. Red and blue bodies, with silver and gold wrappings, and a wrap or two of grizzly hackle under the over-reaching heron fibers.
    Wet flies, like dark waters, hold the most promise. When that fly dips down out of sight, and your line is curving downstream as the fly makes it's journey through the hole, sometimes you see a bulge in the surface, as a good fish has turned and taken the fly. All hopes are answered as you lift the rod and feel the live fish, strong and uncontrollable.
    All wishes and hopes are answered, eh? Sometimes it's yes, and sometimes no.
    Cheers, girl.