Sunday, August 28, 2011


Leaves turn before the season ends,
like a woman who grays, prematurely;
beginning in one spot above her forehead
and then like a skunk, a white stripe grows
back, and age reaches lower limbs.


  1. HA! FIRST!

    Sorry, I am excited about that!

    Keep writing, I eat this stuff up.

  2. Mowed.

    Like a freshly mowed lawn,
    Grass dies before it's time;
    beginning right between the ears
    and then like a reverse Mohawk
    it doesn't grow back except out the nose.

    Sorry I couldn't help myself.)

  3. Good stuff. Howard, you're killing me.

  4. OneBugIsFake - Thanks for eating...I needed that encouragement today!

    Howard - You're a hoot. ;)

    Jay - Thanks! (And Howard is killing me too...ha!)

  5. Old father time respects no-one Erin, we all will get there eventually :):)

    In my mind i am somewhere in my 20's, trouble is i look like i am 60 plus LOL

  6. I had an English teacher in high school with the skunk stripe. Poor woman was in her 30s...

    She was nuttier than a squirrel turd, though, so I don't know if the hair was the cause of that, or a symptom of it.

  7. Tom - How you feel is much more important than how you look. :)

    Mark - "nuttier than a squirrel turd" is perhaps my new favorite phrase. Thank you for that! And symptom or cause...always a conundrum...although I'd venture a guess it was a symptom...

  8. A distinguishing reality of the life we live. And as I see it, hair is a small price to pay for such fun :-) Something that I am still trying to get used to, as the hair on my head is slowly being donated to some unseen force...

  9. Sanders - I've been finding signs of age on my head as well..but grey hair, laugh lines, sun spots....all signs of a life enjoyed, I say. :)

  10. I thought this was gonna be a post about not catching any fish. Now I feel old AND confused.