Thursday, September 15, 2011

She Was Made For Trout.

We could see only a few trout through the surface chop. They were down deep. And spooky. That fish in a barrel thing, I guess; only this was a very large barrel. These were very sensitive fish.

I had met Dave, the Back Country Fish Nerd, early that morning. Bloggers fishing together is a great experience he said in an email earlier that week...and we should fish would be "neat-o." Really, how could it not be? We'd be fishing, after all. Plus like Dave said later, it's interesting to see the inside workings of another blog and its writer's creative processes. What will strike them about the day...what will they write about? So I found myself driving north along a windy highway, as coffee cooled and conversation began. We were headed towards trout -- this was going to be neat-o.

But after a few hours, there was nothing neat about our prospects. Strangely, after much looking we could find no inlet. Water must feed in underneath the boulder field from the upper glaciers we figured, and decided to skirt back around to the outlet. We had to climb over a lot of big talus, and Dave was goat-like -- in his element...

"In New Mexico, I grew up in houses built on this stuff."

"Well in Iowa, my idea of 'scree' was gravel roads."

He chuckled.

I did too....because it's true.

Finally though, we both found a good perch by the lake's outlet. I would have placed a serious bet that Dave was going to fall in trying to get to his, but again -- he was in his element. And here finally, there were bumps and bites...but only that.

"She's being suggestive, isn't she," I shouted over to Dave.

"Yeah, she is...kinda like a woman in a bikini...a little bit too small of a bikini...just a little bit."

"Not the metaphor I'd have chosen," I laughed, thinking that a woman in a small bikini wasn't really that suggestive at all, was it? Wasn't much left to the imagination, was there? But I suppose it was perfect for the lake....because she was showing us that she had trout -- she just wasn't giving us any. "And anyhow, men and Speedos just don't work that way."

"No, they don't. No one wants to see's bodies just aren't made for it." 

Except we did want to see more of this lake. She was made for trout, you could tell. But, was being something of a prude -- a very cold prude -- and I liked her all the more for it. In the end though, after making us put in the work, she did let us see a little bit.....and Dave was right, the day was neat-o.


  1. You had me at "small bikini" but there was much more to enjoy than just that ;) as always.

  2. I agree with you on the Speedos.

    Beautiful trout.

  3. It was VERY neat-o. Dang rocks provided too many little hiding places. The more it teases, the more you fall in love with it. Maybe I should have likened it to seeing some ankle?

  4. What a wild and crazy looking shoreline. You'd have to be part mountain goat to fish there.

  5. Great trip, I almost enjoyed every minute of it.

  6. Kirk - ah thank you, and I'm glad there was! :)

    Brk Trt - I am glad we're in agreement on that...and yes indeed,the trout were gorgeous.

    BCNerd - Nah, your analogy was 'pert near perfect. Thanks for a great day!

    John - I've fished quite a few high lakes and this one had, by far, the craziest of shorelines. Very fun in its own right!

    Cofisher - Almost? Next time we'll aim for every. :)

    Mr. P - Thank you, sir!

  7. Water and women - the eternal analogy. But I love reading it from your female perspective Erin and I enjoy how you deal with challenges.

    By the way, men in Speedo's are know as 'Budgie Smugglers' and no, it doesn't summon the same image as a girl's bikini.

  8. Dave, in retrospect, the ankle thing would have been way better though who would have thought that the dialogue would have taken such a wrong turn from small bikini to Speedo. Ouch. Stil trying to blot these images out of my brain.

  9. Dave - I so much enjoyed reading your recent perspective...on your "mistress." That was a fine piece or writing! "Budgie Smugglers"...? That is great and somehow makes "Speedos" sound a wee bit better...if only a bit funnier. ;)

    Steve - Yeah...sorry about those images. I swam a lot when I was in high school, and remember seeing the men's diving team speedos....that were skin toned. Honestly, who was the nitwit who picked those out!? Scarred me for life, it did.

    Kev - Thanks!

  10. Thank you Erin, I have to say that reading your blog gave me the courage to open up ;-)

  11. Nothing like fishin' with a buddy. The fish are a bonus.

    Wish I lived nearer Erin.

  12. e: I also swam in high school; ours were red. Did you check the sexual orientation of the diving coach?

  13. Well, Dave...I'm honored, then, to have been a small part of its creation. Lovely...please do it again! :)

    Chris - You're right...although even when I'm alone, the fish are a bonus. And if you ever come to Colorado...maybe we could fish!

    Steve - I hadn't thought about the diving coach's preference. I think it was a middle aged straight woman...and that thought now is somewhat disturbing...

  14. You've got a great way with words missy!!

  15. The interaction of you and Dave...Your capturing it and relating it.....priceless....neato!

  16. penbayman - Thank you, sir!

    Herringbone - Very glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Nice recap, Erin. That area just looks beautiful. And congrats on meeting other bloggers!

    Take care -

  18. Thanks, was gorgeous up there!

  19. Great story, but I have to shake that man banana sling image.

    I'll do it by recalling the many thousands of miles I've traveled on Iowa's great gravel roads. They're neato too.

  20. Thanks, Rhythm Rider! Yeah, that image kind of haunted me too...sorry about that. ;) I've traveled many miles on Iowa's gravel and dirt roads....I miss them.