Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The family drives a day, arriving in time
for supper around the old butcher’s table with a view
of fallings, failings, and other things that bind
generations together; tendons of tradition,
sometimes strained, or pulled and sore;
but after stretching, they’re stronger for this
new growth in autumn, over dead leaves
on Sunday afternoon goodbyes; it’s tradition,
they always wave at the end of the driveway,
and then the bend in the road’s herding lines,
like a sheepdog’s stare, separating the flock into lives
standing still, and lives driving to pastures, greener
pastures, all the way home and back again.  


  1. "It's tradition" yes it is (Ever After) and we each in our pastures will return for we practice "rotational grazing" ;-)


  2. sgb - Good 'farm husbandry' skills, that. ;-)

  3. Tradition and family is most important! Greetings from Polish

  4. ... tendons of tradition... What an amazing analogy. Thanks for making our minds work in such delightful ways.

  5. Tomek - It is! And greetings from Colorado, my friend!

    Mags - Thanks...and glad you enjoyed!

    Mike - Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment...I hope all is going well with your move....!

  6. In time, speaking as an old butcher, the need and love of a family can't be more appreciated.

  7. Very nice, Erin. Effortless.

  8. Brk Trt - In time...I'm appreciating it more and more every day.

    G Lech - Thanks!

    Matt - Many thanks...for the comment and those previous. :)

  9. As Shakespeare said and is so true, "parting is such sweet sorrow." So true.

  10. Took me back to family trips and dinners, and the "fallings and failings" that have bound us over generations. Glad to see you sharing your poetry. Thanks.

  11. Very nice Erin..sort of Edna St.Vincent Millayish!

  12. Cofisher - So it is. And so it goes.

    Jim - I'm very glad you enjoyed it...and there will be more...

    penbayman - Wow...I've always loved her work, so that's a huge compliment. Thanks!

  13. " growth in autumn..." So nice. I'm feeling it's energy as well. "Goodbyes" greeted me this's hopeful feel was with me all day. Really nice work.

  14. Like the tendon and herding analogies - very creative. Looking forward to reading more!

  15. Herringbone - It's my favorite time of year. Most creative by far. And that it's hope followed you today, of that I'm very glad.

    Casey - Thanks, and I'll be posting more poetry for sure. I've always been reticent about publishing it, but am encouraged by the reception! Cheers!

  16. None of that turn and dash for this family. Wave, wave, wave til the last glimpse of loved ones disappear 'round the bend. bhive

  17. bhive - I wave even after you've passed the bend...

  18. Your writing makes me look something between incompetent and illiterate, and therefore you should stop immediately. ;)

    Thanks for the lovely little piece.

  19. my sister and I had dinner most Sundays for the last thirteen years before I moved to CO. I miss those goodbyes. Even though sometimes we were "sore"...we always ate, and we always hugged goodbye.

    ...thanks for this, it was perfect.


  20. You reach deep inside yourself and share it with a bunch of anglers. Funny old world isn't it Erin?

    We appreciate it and wait intently for the next episode.

    Or, maybe you should starve us of your musings, save them over a year and publish them as a book. I'll take two copies please :-)

  21. River Mud - I will not stop, but perhaps you shall become literate...? ;-) Your comment made me laugh, but isn't true in the slightest, my friend. Thanks for stopping by!

    Sanders - You're very welcome. It's hard being away from family...I miss mine a lot. Cheers, and thanks as always for the good words!

    Dave - Ah, I'm in that "bunch" with you all. And it is a funny world....funny peculiar, and also just plain old enjoyable sometimes. Starve you? Never! I shall post morsels, even during book writing, to keep you all interested! :)