Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I watch for deer
there is no movement
only the sun rising
on the wheel
my hand and a coffee-cup
over miles of slate road lines
reading neat hand-writing
slowly dying out at the end
but chance
like the deer
is always there waiting
for astigmatism behind fogged glasses
to see


  1. Morning Erin - lovely as always :-)

  2. Ken...thanks, much appreciated!

    Dave - Morning! Many thanks, and I thought this would be a refreshing change of a thread. I was plumb worn out! ;-)

  3. Four of the things I love.... in a text this 64 year old digs.

  4. Like stalking Carp
    on a cloudly day
    patience, care
    and chance
    reward you.

  5. The chances we take braving the road and life. Really cool...cheers!

  6. Brk Trt - You dig it!? I'm just sitting here with a grin at that...thanks.

    Mr. P - That it is...

    Sanders - Ah, thanks...glad you enjoyed it!

  7. As always, intuitive and lovely. Captures perfectly that morning drive - still teetering between awareness and last night's dreamscape, coffee or no.

  8. That's it! Now I know what was the cause of the deer that slammed into my truck in Montana this summer: an astigmatism! Thank you, Erin, for your sage words that have given me clarity ;)

  9. There are lots of things out there waiting to be seen if you look long and hard enough.

    Short and sweet.................... good stuff Erin

  10. Mike - No coffee makes it a tad bit more teetering....Thanks, as always!

    Kirk - Yes! Get your eyes checked soon! ;)

    Tom - Many thanks....and it is indeed all in perspective. Keen eyes (even behind thick glasses) make life much more interesting!

  11. Wow... great post. I want to subscribe, and can't figure out how.

  12. Hey Morgan...thanks! On the sidebar, there is a "follow by email" feature...scroll down, about half way. Thanks again!

  13. Morgan - p.s....let me know if that made sense! :)